Serving Chili, Henrietta and Scottsville

CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care was created as part of the merger between Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service, Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance and the Scottsville Rescue Squad. Members of the merged agency include a mix of volunteers, per diem and full-time staff from all three towns. We cover 90 square miles and are expected to respond to over 9,000 requests for service in 2017. Ambulances will continue to be staffed at the existing stations with responses to the nearest 911 call as appropriate.

As was the case prior to the merger, CHS will continue to provide the highest quality ambulance service to the residents of Chili, Henrietta, Scottsville and Wheatland. The company also provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic response to the Town of Rush and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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